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Project Description
Noodle is a search engine library based on 2.0.

Code noodle

What’s it?
Noodle is a search engine library based on 2.0.
I also provide a index application and a search application.

Now that I have deviled it into four modules: Indexer,Searcher,Seeker and HTMLHelper.
In this application version 0.1 you can index a website just only one depth,and search the result with a web application.
The most important one I think is Seeker which can seek a url’s sub urls.I made some rules in it but I think it is not a best one,so I will mainly upgrade this feature.

Current version Limit:
Only web search supported.File index & search may be supported in the next version.
Only one level web index depth in current version.

File index will be supported,it is more easy than a website one.
More depth level supported,a really hardworking.

.Net 3.5 framework.

Lucene.Net version 2
Highlight.Net version 2
HtmlParser version 1.8

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